PD Session: Digital Grading with Flubaroo

Ready to go digital with tests and quizzes? Then get ready to trash those Scantrons and give your teacher’s aides a break. Flubraoo will handle the grading!

Presented by Alexander Clarkson

Next presented on August 18, 2015 at 10:00 AM at Northview High School

From the ad: “How many Scantrons have you used in your life? How many true/false items have you hand-graded? Well, leave all those moments in the past because Flubaroo is here! Join us to learn this simple add-on to Google sheets that will turn every form into an instantly graded quiz or test. It’s simple and powerful, and you’ll love it!”

Participants will take part in a quiz scored through Flubaroo. Then, the presenter will help each participant make their own quiz and grade it with the add-on. Participants will leave with a working knowledge of Flubaroo and be able to use it in their classes immediately.

Couldn’t make the session?  Check out this brief video from Dave Abouav on how to use the script! Then, check out a more detailed video below.

Session Materials

Alex’s Google Slides Presentation

Flubaroo Download Link in Playstore

Flubaroo Home Page

Amy Mayer’s Extended Tutorial on Flubaroo

Sylvania Digital Learning’s Resource Introduction on Flubaroo

Author: Alexander Clarkson

After ten years of teaching English language arts at Southview High School and three years at McCord Junior High School, Alex is the first digital instruction specialist for Sylvania Schools. He moves from building to building helping teachers reach and engage their students through digital learning.

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