PD Session: All Students Can Achieve, With Achieve 3000

Own your work with Achieve3000…. Make it work for your classroom.

Presented by Jamie Holley and Alexander Clarkson

Presenting next on October 28, 2015 at 3:15 PM at McCord Junior High School

From the ad: “Remember the first day back from summer vacation? Wasn’t it nice to see all of your colleagues again? Remember that half day of training on Achieve 3000? Remember how excited you were to use it and help your students? Now that school is underway, take that enthusiasm from the start of the school year and build off of it with this session.”

We will explore how to move beyond the basic functionality of Achieve 3000 into best practices. As a group, we will work on strategies that can be relevant and authentic in your own subject area using Achieve 3000. The tips and tricks shared during this session will help you become an advanced user on this program. Let’s strive to increase our students reading levels, together!

Couldn’t make the session?  Check out this video from Achieve3000 on the functionality of the system!

Session Materials


SDL Insight on Achieve3000 Strategies

Jamie’s October 19 Presentation 

Author: David Budas

David Budas is a social studies teacher at McCord Junior High School.

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