Resource Introduction: Edcite

Want to make your own AIR-style assessments? Check out Edcite!

What is it?

Edcite is basically an assessment generator, but it differs from generators like Socrative or Google Forms in some important and impressive ways. First, it allows the teacher to choose from a much wider range of questions types, many of which present the sort of challenges that students face on AIR tests and other next generation assessments, like drag and drop, sentence select, and more. In fact, Edcite offers nearly seventy different question types.

Like Kahoot, Edcite offers the ability to share and find publicly available assessments, which can make life much easier.

It also provides many of the same basic tools assessment generators provide, such as easy grading interaction and student data analysis through classrooms that you establish and use to provide assessments. Students can receive instant (or delayed) feedback; teachers can access detailed data reports.

Yes, the basic version is free, and you will not encounter a pay wall that locks you out of the coolest features on the service. It also offers a Google login, so creating and managing an account is simple.

How can I use it?

You can use Edcite to create and manage your own assessments, and it will offer you a greater range of assessment possibilities than Google Forms or Socrative. But the best value of the service is its ability to provide a framework for creating AIR-style tests. Use it to transform your tests into AIR format or to provide AIR-aligned tests on a straightforward, digital platform.

Don’t want to create these assessments yourself? Then find those that others have produced. As a test, click here to go to Edcite’s “Featured Collections,” collections of high-quality content from a range of content areas. You can also go to Sylvania’s AIR Preparation Resources site, which contains dozens of AIR-aligned assignments from all tested subjects and grades at the secondary level.

Are you or someone you know using this? Notify us, and we’ll post your or their name here as a building expert! Email to

Check out Sylvania’s own tutorial series exploring how to create and find assignments and questions, manage classes, assign work, and examine data. Then, explore the links below for more!

Resource Links


Sylvania-authored two-page Edcite primer (This primer explores several basic Edcite functions through direct step-by-step process.)

Edcite Text-Based User Manual

Edcite Summary (1-Page)

Basic Help Resources: Directory of Print-Based Guides (This link leads you to several short guides designed as printables)

Edcite Factory Guide (A handout given to teachers working in the Edcite Factory; contains detailed instructions on many tasks related to accounts, classes, and assignment creation)

Signing up for Edcite (video)

Creating and Finding Assignments (video)

Creating Questions (video)

Using the Question Library (video)

ELA Example: Rhetorical Study of President Obama’s Back-to-School Speech for 7-8

Author: Alexander Clarkson

After ten years of teaching English language arts at Southview High School and three years at McCord Junior High School, Alex is the first digital instruction specialist for Sylvania Schools. He moves from building to building helping teachers reach and engage their students through digital learning.

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