Join the 21st Century Leadership Team!

The 2016-2017 21st Century Leadership Team is ready to launch. Apply and be part of the team!

21C leaders provide a valuable and unique service to the district. They ensure that teachers receive peer teacher support in issues regarding content standards, test preparation, digital instruction, and innovative best practices. The district provides reimbursement for these efforts, an investment in teacher-to-teacher improvement. With the support and leadership of peer teachers, each teacher in the district benefits.

21C leaders provide four services:

Professional Development Leadership

21C leaders actively lead PD sessions for late starts and inservice days, as well as providing at least one group PD opportunity for their content or grade level in their building, either led individually or in 21C teams.

Peer Connection

21C leaders connect with grade level and content peers in their building and through the district through one-to-one support and communication regarding important developments or best practices.

Professional Collaboration

21C leaders attend group meetings with fellow leaders to discuss issues, receive updates, and develop materials. Leaders also collaborate with grade level leaders or department chairs for effective teacher leadership.

Instructional Innovation

21C leaders develop innovative instructional practices and materials to test in their classroom and share with the district.

Leaders are reimbursed at the hourly teacher rate for a set number of hours. Elementary leaders will use up to 30 paid hours; secondary leaders will use up to 50.

Leaders must be available to attend the opening meeting on September 21st from 3:30 PM-5:00 PM, as well as the school inservice days of October 17th, October 25th, and March 14th.

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Author: Alexander Clarkson

After ten years of teaching English language arts at Southview High School and three years at McCord Junior High School, Alex is the first digital instruction specialist for Sylvania Schools. He moves from building to building helping teachers reach and engage their students through digital learning.

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