Elementary Homework Survey for Parents, Admission Tickets, and Exit Slips

Use an Admission Ticket, Exit Slip or Elementary Homework Survey for Parents to guide instruction.

This Folder of Resources, designed specifically for use in elementary schools, allows teachers to quickly and easily gather information from students and parents about learning and homework. This Teachers Manual provides educators an in-depth explanation of three different formative assessment surveys to use in their school or classroom, sharing instructions, and how to analyze the data that is generated.

Elementary Homework Survey for Parents

Teachers can learn about their students’ attitude toward homework, and how often and how long students are engaging in homework that should be part of a nightly routine like reading or math practice.

Admission Tickets

These are a great tool for teachers to use at the start of a class or school day. Students are surveyed about what they learned the day before, what they enjoyed, and what they accomplished. This helps to connect learning from one day to the next. The teacher can also use responses to clear up any questions from the previous class.

Exit Slips

These are another great tool for teachers to learn about student learning and interests. Students are surveyed at the end of a class or school day about that day. It is a great way to promote reflection for your students. Teachers, you can use this as a way to find out if students are on the right track for their learning and to help you better plan the next day or class.


Folder with Teachers Manual and 3 Surveys

Teachers Manual

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Author: David Budas

David Budas is a social studies teacher at McCord Junior High School.

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