Assess Student Knowledge, Learning, and Progress: Admission Tickets and Exit Slips

Have you ever wondered how long students are ACTUALLY spending on their homework? Are you looking for another way to find out what questions students had about their homework so you can quickly and thoroughly target those questions? Do you ever wonder what your STUDENTS feel was the most important concept they learned in class that day? Do you wish you could get a clear indication of what students learned and accomplished in class each day? Admission Tickets and Exit Slips may be another tool to help you solve all of these problems and quickly and easily answer these questions. The purpose of this User Guide is to explain the Admission Ticket and Exit Slip, how to edit them, how to administer them, and tips on using the data that you collect them. Open this folder to locate the Admission Ticket, Exit Survey, and this User Guide. Simply create a new folder in your Google Drive, copy the documents, and move them into your new folder. See page 4 for directions.

User Guide

Admission TicketExit Slip User Guide (1)This User Guide explains everything you need to know about accessing, administering, and using the data created by the Admission Ticket or Exit Survey. This User Guide includes step by step directions with explanations for easy use in your classroom. Flow charts show  each question and where students will be directed within the Admission Ticket or Exit Survey based on their answers. It also explains how to locate and use the data that is generated. It ends with a brief tutorial on how to use Google Forms and Google Classroom to administer the Admission Ticket and Exit Survey.


Video Tutorial

Admission Tickets and Exit Slips

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