Resource Introduction: Kidblog

Check out Kidblog, a safe and simple blog and discussion platform that will bring your kids into the conversations of the digital age. It’s the best way to manage discussions outside of your room as well!

What is it?

First of all, Kidblog is exactly what it sounds like, a blog site. That means users log in to post their own content that other members can read and discuss. But, this blog comes with simple tools to safely manage a classroom environment. Users are invited through passwords or registration codes that you select, they make posts that you approve, and the system even attaches parent access to each student so the parent can observe. The more you explore this blogging platform, the more you will see that it was designed with teacher concerns in mind. And, the interactivity is simple and engaging enough for users from intermediate to secondary levels.

How can I use it?

Think about using this to connect your students in collaborative work groups. But, more than that, think about using it to connect to learners and teachers outside of your classroom. How about connecting your students to experts outside your classroom? How about connecting your students to students in other buildings to collaborate and share? Kidblog also offers excellent tools for students to display content in a portfolio approach or groups to display project work without the messy process of open website design. The resource is flexible for a number of tasks, but it shines best when you use it to connect your students to resources outside of your class.

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Check out this instructional tutorial by Aaron Maurer to walk you through the process of logging in students.  Then, check out the links below the video for more information.

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