Resource Introduction: Google Calendar

Google Calendar makes communication and organization simple and portable!

What is it?

Google Calendar is a web-based app that brings Google’s portability and collaboration focus to calendars and agendas. With it, you can not only keep your own calendar and agenda, but also share that information with others both in and out of your organization for more effective communication and planning.

How can I use it?

Let me count the ways!

  • Keep track of your own appointments on every device you use.
  • Keep lists of tasks and set reminders for them.
  • Set your phone to remind you of events.
  • Find times that work to schedule meetings with others in your organization, without ever asking them.
  • Integrate with Google Classroom to automatically push due dates and class events to students and parents.
  • Schedule building resources, like Chromebook carts or media center space.
  • Discover what is going on at every building on a given day, all on the same screen.
  • Use Google’s powerful search to find events.

And that’s just the start . . .

Resource Links

The YouTube playlist below is a five-video series to introduce Google Calendar to Sylvania Schools personnel.

Sylvania Schools Administrative Protocol for Google Calendar Usage

Check out the other links below for more help. And do not forget to ask for individual assistance!

Google Tutorial Videos for Calendar

Google Support Page for Calendar

Keynote Support’s Online Calendar Guide

Google Classroom Calendars

Sharing Google Classroom Calendars with Parents