Cool Trick: Signing into Google Chrome for Portability

This simple trick will help you use Google like a pro!

The wonderful part of cloud computing is the ability to be productive with all of your files and resources on any device, anywhere. This portability is a prime feature of Chromebooks, but you can access it on all other devices as well. Check out this tutorial to learn how to sign into Chrome and be productive anywhere in minutes.



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Cool Trick: Reading Web Mail Easily on a Chromebook

Are you frustrated with the light version of Outlook Web Mail that appears on Chromebooks? Let’s fix it!

Have you ever noticed that Outlook Web Access, our district email application, is different on a Chromebook? The preview window is gone, the folders are harder to manage, it takes more clicks to accomplish tasks, and you can’t even make a smooth hyperlink! Well, worry not! Here is the quick and simple solution.

Choose your lesson! Watch the tutorial video or read the text instructions to learn how to read Outlook Web Access in its full version on a Chromebook.


Text-Based Instructions