Resource Introduction: eGame Resources

Whether you’re using digital games in your classroom or just want to, you should check out the eGames Guide here for discussion of today’s cool options.

Gamification. It’s one of the latest and most exciting buzz words in the educational world, but to say it’s new is misleading, at best. For generations, teachers have known that games in the classroom lead to increased student engagement, improved morale, and positive behavior. But now, in the midst of the 21st century information technology revolution, games are serious business, and teachers are paying attention to the lessons that gaming and gamers can offer.

By no means do I intend to explore gamification and all the research supporting it here. Below, you will find some links to get you started if you wish to explore the instructional practice. Rather, this post is designed to introduce you to the four best online tools for creating and finding simple, interactive quiz games to support lecture, projects, review, and study. A full, but not intimidating discussion of these four game resources can be found in the eGames Guide.


But, as always, let’s frames the discussion with the central question:

What do you want to do?

If you answered with any of the following . . .

  • I want to bring energetic and positive competition into the classroom.
  • I want to make my tests and quizzes more interactive and engaging.
  • I want fun methods to formatively assess my students.
  • I want to share my materials with other educators and find what they have to share.
  • I want to make a dry lecture engaging.
  • I want to play with my students.

. . . then you should open the eGames Guide and read about the four game resources you can choose from. And, as always, keep reading Sylvania Digital Learning to hear about how educators in Sylvania are using these resources to add the engagement of gaming to learning opportunities throughout our district.

Gamification Links

Edutopia Blog: “Gamification in Education” by Vicki Davis

Edutopia Collection: “Game-Based Learning: Resource Roundup”

Jane McGonigal Interview and her TED Talks Page

The State of Tech Podcast: “Gamification, Part 1”


Teacher . . . er . . . Administrator Showcase! Kahoot-Framed Lecture with Julie Sanford

Join Julie Sanford for a innovative use of Kahoot in building student engagement!

Kahoot! has spread through the district like a wildfire, delighting teachers and engaging students. The mention of the program brings a smile to the faces of the knowing, and those faces are growing in number every day. So it should come as no surprise that Sylvania administrators are jumping on the bandwagon. In fact, at Northview High School on January 20th, Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning Julie Sanford not only joined the Kahoot crowd, but demonstrated a cool new twist in usage.

Julie was tasked with a presentation in front of Northview’s sophomore class with the goal of stimulating their thinking on careers. While career tech teachers were handling a career expo in the auxiliary gym next door, and upperclassmen were leading engaging tours of classrooms, Julie drew the short straw, the lecture-style PowerPoint presentation in the gym. Not being satisfied with speaking at her young audience, Julie decided to use Kahoot to frame her delivery.

Julie discusses career facts following the Kahoot question introduction.

Many teachers use Kahoot as a review game, and its application for this purpose seems self-evident. Julie, however, used the online game as a lecture framework. On the portable screen in the gym, she posted the Kahoot PIN and directed students in logging in through their smartphones. Once they were in (and Julie had expelled the inappropriate names) the game provided the presentation. Question #1, “What is the best paying job of 2015?” engaged students with thoughts about the earning power of different careers, and that engagement created a perfect opening for Julie to discuss earning potential. This move of engaging question to direct presentation point continued to question #7, “Psychologist, Speech Therapist, Teacher, & Nail Technician make up what best category?” All the while, the students’ attention was caught and Julie capitalized on that capture to help them reflect on career opportunities.

Sophomores smile as they share their Kahoot results with each other.

Following the game, winning students walked out of the stands for gift cards or flashlights, smiling all the while. None of them noticed how quickly the time flew by. None of them noticed that they had just experienced a lecture.

Teachers search for opportunities to stimulate students during direct instruction, but Julie’s presentation demonstrated that a simple and replicable practice is ready for any teacher during any lesson. The game question introduces content in an undeniably engaging manner, opening the student for reception of that content. Some refer to this process as gamification, and it is a best practice worth noting and learning.

Check out these links and/or contact Julie at jsanford@sylvaniaschools for more information.

Julie’s “Hot Jobs” Quiz

SDL Resource Introduction on Kahoot

PD Session: Quizzes, Games, Oh My!

Fun can and will be had by all! Learn the best games and quiz generators on the ‘net!

Presented by Carol Bohland, Aaron Joplin, and Korinne Turnbell

Last presented on October 19, 2015 as part of the Sylvania Fall Inservice Day; Next presentation to be announced!

From the ad: “Would you like interactive fun that can move from Smartboard to Chromebook to Smartphone? Then join us for an exploration of some of the best tools in digital, including Quizlet, Socrative, and Kahoot! Learn how to unlock the power of these tools for instruction, review, and fun!”

Teachers will come away with technology tools they can readily operate in the classroom to use as a formative assessment, to guide student learning, and to prepare for summative assessments in a fun and engaging way.

Couldn’t make the session?  

Quizzes, Games, Oh My! Presentation

Check out this video from Kahoot! on how to play!

Session Materials


Socrative Video Overview

Kahoot! for Teachers Mastering

Kahoot! for Students Playing

SDL Resource Introduction on Kahoot!

SDL Resource Introduction on Socrative


Quizlet Video Overview

Resource Introduction: Kahoot!

Check out the best interactive game you can run on Chromebooks! It’s Kahoot, a customizable platform for creating and managing classroom games in your room and beyond.

What is it?

Think of Kahoot as a souped-up, collaborative version of the old Senteo clickers. But it’s so much better! With Kahoot, you make a quiz from three different basic types, include text, images, or videos, and then launch it. Students access the quiz as a collaborative game perhaps as individuals, perhaps as groups. The game screen runs on your board while the students answer from their devices, whether Chromebooks, desktops, tablets, or smartphones. It’s simple, dynamic, and fun!

How can I use it?

Of course, review games come to mind with a fun application like this, and Kahoot is designed to manage the best review games you can design. But, you can use it for surveys of individuals and groups, or even manage discussions through it. The responsive design allows for collaborative discussion that bypasses traditional “hands-up” talks. Now, you can create a back channel to discussion, bringing in voices that aren’t often heard. Or, you could even collaborate in real time with a group of learners in another class or building. Think of that!

Who’s using it?

Check out these teachers that know and use Kahoot in your school. Ask them for help!

At McCord, Holly Nartker, Britt Bensman and Kay Holt

At Timberstone, Lauren Clark

At Arbor Hills, Tony Cutway

At Northview, Claudia Fischer, Keevan Hazel, and Karolynn Nowak

At Southview, Holly Yenrick and Michelle Krueger

At Central Trail, Christina Renz and Julie Bennett

At Highland, Kyle Newnham and Kayla Wiemers

At Stranahan, Amanda Sanderson

Are you or someone you know using this? Notify us, and we’ll post your or their name here as a building expert! Email to

Check out this short video by Jeremy Johnston to help you get started.  Then, check out the many resources below for more information.

Resource Links

Kahoot! Home Page

Kahoot! YouTube Channel

Keevan Hazel’s Print-Based Instructions

Kahoot! Solitary Use Instructions

Kahoot! in Math 7 with Chromebooks (video; 0:54)

Tips on Creating a Global Classroom through Kahoot! (And click here for an example)

EdTechInnovations’ Kahoot! to Quizizz Comparison

Sylvania Digital Learning’s eGames Guide