Resource Introduction: eGame Resources

Whether you’re using digital games in your classroom or just want to, you should check out the eGames Guide here for discussion of today’s cool options.

Gamification. It’s one of the latest and most exciting buzz words in the educational world, but to say it’s new is misleading, at best. For generations, teachers have known that games in the classroom lead to increased student engagement, improved morale, and positive behavior. But now, in the midst of the 21st century information technology revolution, games are serious business, and teachers are paying attention to the lessons that gaming and gamers can offer.

By no means do I intend to explore gamification and all the research supporting it here. Below, you will find some links to get you started if you wish to explore the instructional practice. Rather, this post is designed to introduce you to the four best online tools for creating and finding simple, interactive quiz games to support lecture, projects, review, and study. A full, but not intimidating discussion of these four game resources can be found in the eGames Guide.


But, as always, let’s frames the discussion with the central question:

What do you want to do?

If you answered with any of the following . . .

  • I want to bring energetic and positive competition into the classroom.
  • I want to make my tests and quizzes more interactive and engaging.
  • I want fun methods to formatively assess my students.
  • I want to share my materials with other educators and find what they have to share.
  • I want to make a dry lecture engaging.
  • I want to play with my students.

. . . then you should open the eGames Guide and read about the four game resources you can choose from. And, as always, keep reading Sylvania Digital Learning to hear about how educators in Sylvania are using these resources to add the engagement of gaming to learning opportunities throughout our district.

Gamification Links

Edutopia Blog: “Gamification in Education” by Vicki Davis

Edutopia Collection: “Game-Based Learning: Resource Roundup”

Jane McGonigal Interview and her TED Talks Page

The State of Tech Podcast: “Gamification, Part 1”


Resource Introduction: Socrative

Want to manage digital assessments? Try Socrative!

What is it?

Socrative is a free online tool designed specifically for classroom assessments. Unlike Google Forms, which was originally designed as a general tool, Socrative was designed specifically for classroom assessments. It offers a wide range of assessment functions, including question customization, automated grading, live views, grade reports, and more. It works on any devices, so students could even complete assessments on smartphones.

How can I use it?

Use Socrative to create and administer tests, quizzes, or other types of formative assessment. You can use it for large, summative assessments or small, formative ones. You can also use it to connect to other educators to share content.

Who’s using it?

Check out these teachers that know and use Socrative in your school. Ask them for help!

At Arbor Hills, Aaron Joplin, Tony Cutway, Angie Robinson

At Timberstone, Carol Bohland, Korinne Turnbell, Lauren Clark

At Southview, Katy Creecy

At Northview, Kathryn Nelson, John Word

Are you or someone you know using this? Notify us, and we’ll post your or their name here as a building expert! Email to

Look at how easy it is to generate a quick question in the 30-second video below. Then, go to Socrative’s YouTube channel (linked below) for more helpful videos on similar functions!

Resource Links

Socrative Website

Socrative YouTube Channel

Socrative Web Store Download

Socrative Garden: Growing 21st Century Skills An exploration of question types and pedagogical approaches

Learning Inspired “10 Ways of Using Socrative”

Crazy Teaching “Using Socrative for Formative Assessment”

Sylvania Digital Learning’s eGames Guide

PD Session: Quizzes, Games, Oh My!

Fun can and will be had by all! Learn the best games and quiz generators on the ‘net!

Presented by Carol Bohland, Aaron Joplin, and Korinne Turnbell

Last presented on October 19, 2015 as part of the Sylvania Fall Inservice Day; Next presentation to be announced!

From the ad: “Would you like interactive fun that can move from Smartboard to Chromebook to Smartphone? Then join us for an exploration of some of the best tools in digital, including Quizlet, Socrative, and Kahoot! Learn how to unlock the power of these tools for instruction, review, and fun!”

Teachers will come away with technology tools they can readily operate in the classroom to use as a formative assessment, to guide student learning, and to prepare for summative assessments in a fun and engaging way.

Couldn’t make the session?  

Quizzes, Games, Oh My! Presentation

Check out this video from Kahoot! on how to play!

Session Materials


Socrative Video Overview

Kahoot! for Teachers Mastering

Kahoot! for Students Playing

SDL Resource Introduction on Kahoot!

SDL Resource Introduction on Socrative


Quizlet Video Overview