Resource Introduction: Read & Write for Google Chrome

On Chromebooks, text becomes speech! Discover how almost any web page, pdf, doc, or form can become verbal with Read and Write for Google Chrome!

What is it?

Read and Write for Google Chrome is an extension that adds to Chrome. It gives the user a toolbar that includes a reader for the text on a page. The reader is customizable for voice and speed, and the user can jump between straight reading and a more flexible “hover over” mode. Does this sound like SpeakIt? You bet, but it’s better because it works in Google Drive material, where SpeakIt! does not. The tools are flexible and simple once practiced.

How can I use it?

Students can use R&W to listen to assignments, readings, presentations, or any other web content. And, just as in a PARCC or AIR test, the student can use this to have a test read to them. Truly, the power comes when the students learn to use this tool and consider it as an option at all times. But, even more possibilities exist. Shelley Bielak, from Southview, uses it to read student papers to her, thus avoiding eye strain. She also recommends that students use it to proof their papers audibly.

Who’s using it?

At Northview High School, Beth Emerson, Amy Loyd, MaGee Wilson

At Timberstone Junior High School, Jennifer McDonald, Kim Hanson

At McCord Junior High School, Merry Cook, Marla Pawlowicz

At Southview High School, Shelley Bielak, Laurie McCrary

Want some detailed introduction? Check out this video from David Avery on the functions of the toolbar.

Resource Links

Download on the Chrome Web Store

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Text-Based User Guide for R&W

Richard Byrne’s Discussion of R&W on Free Technology for Teachers