Resource Introduction: Chromebook Voice Recorders

Would you like students to record their voices? Read here about two excellent apps for that!

Would you like your students to record simple voice audio without video? That is certainly possible with the Chromebooks through two simple and popular applications. Your choice of these should be based on your need.

Let’s start with the simpler option: Voice Recorder. This web-based app can load into a student’s Google account quickly. When they access it, the screen immediately shows the red record button without any account login. The student presses record, speaks, and then presses stop. After that, the student can download the audio file directly to their Drive while on the Chromebook. If working on a desktop, they would download it to the hard drive. Once in Drive, a student can share the audio file with a teacher or peers or download it for editing software.

Voice Recorder Home Page

Voice Recorder App Download

The more sophisticated option is SoundCloud. This service is becoming increasingly popular as a combination of audio tool and social media site. A student can create an account by linking to their Google account to upload sound files, create their own sound files, share sound files, listen to others’ sound files, or engage in discussion. This service is more robust and offers the opportunity to create collaborative groups. If you wish to do much with sound files, this may be a cool opportunity for you and your students.

SoundCloud Home Page

SoundCloud App Download

“How to record your voice with soundcloud” (Video; 3:25)

Whichever approach you choose, you can record easily on a Chromebook. Beginning a recording will prompt for you to give the service permission to use the microphone. Do that, and you’re good. Chromebook microphones are fairly decent at picking up voice, even with background noise. If you are in tight quarters, consider staking out a larger space, like a cafeteria or library, to lessen the background noise.